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The company’s objectives are to provide the highest level of professionalism profitably. It is important to CDS that we are doing good to humanity while doing well as a business.  

It is equally important that whatever business we do provides a much needed service professionally, affordably and profitably. It is our goal to stand head and shoulders above the other providers of affordable housing to contribute meaningfully to solving Nigeria’s environmental, social and economic problems practically.  

​Energy efficiency and reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases is one of the primary goals of the Passive House Prototype (PHP).



​CDS aims to be a “small but mighty organisation” - small in size but mighty in creative capacity and impact. Its ultimate goal is improve the lot of, and raise the standard of living of millions of Nigerians by creating designs for:

  • Affordable Housing, using Reliable Renewable Power maintaining Energy Efficiency, providing Clean Water & Water Conservation and Recycling Strategies.

  • Characterized by Improved Sanitation with Well-Engineered Drainage, using Local Renewable Materials

  • Waste Management

  • Improved Indoor Environments

  • Occupant Health and Wellness

  • Beautiful Inspiring Environments to elevate the human spirit.


CDS is a US and Nigeria-based organisation that provides design and engineering services for sustainable or green affordable houses known as Passive House Prototypes or PHPs. 

Our Mission Statement
Improving the lives of Nigerians through Affordable Green Housing.

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